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Throwing away a single aluminum can is like pouring out six ounces of gasoline.
Recycle the whole can, not just the can tabs.

Track scrap price trends for blaled UBC
(Used Beverage Cans)
with the
UBC Tracker

Monthly Subscription - $ 35 USD       -       Annual Subscription $ 350 USD

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The UBC Tracker was establish as a tool to track market trends for recycling baled aluminum used beverage cans (UBC). The UBC Tracker indicates trends for across the USA for dealer to mill prices in truck load quantities.

The UBC Tracker is updated each day before noon EST and compares todays spot market price with yesterdays price and displays a snapshot of 5 viewpoints of current market trends (a view over the past 7 days, 30 days, 90 days 1 year & 2 years).
The Index tracks 7 days per week although transaction activity on the weekends is typically lighter and it may not be uncommon to see no change reflected in the index.

The UBC Tracker is derived from spot market prices reported on scrapindex.com and is provided as a service to subscribers.
Information contained in the POPcan Tracker is generated from internal proprietary data and may not reflect external markets or transactions.

POPcans.net promotes the recycling of aluminum cans by
providing subscription based market intellegance and price trend information.

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